Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yesterday I was talking bout me just bought 2 new Rubik's Cubes. Today I will post some pictures to show you my new cubes. 1 of them is the normal 6 coloured cube while the other is some kinda star trek rubik's cube. 

The Silver Cube
the size of all the cubes are different. That makes it harder to solve then to normal cube cause you can't compare the colours so you have to know which size goes where.
It looks better when it's jumbled up
The Cube is in the box

Another view

Me holding it...

The Conventional but Better cube

Brand new in the box

Another view

I have it dismantled...
Slowly fix it back while applying special lubricant

Almost done...
Isn't it pretty?

Well.. I spent the whole morning fixing this cube and trying it out. It really speeds up quite abit. I used to clock myself at around 1 min 40 sec ( i know i know... I'm slow... ) With this cube now the average time has improved to 1 min 20 sec. The fastest I solved it was 1 min 6 sec. Now have to improve the technics to improve the time!!! ROAR!!!

In the mean time... me go improve technic d... TATA